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Design, Trademark, Unfair Competition Prevention, and Copyright



  • ・ Career:
        22 years
    ・ Qualifications:
        Patent Attorney (2003)
        Representative Qualification for Specific Infringement Litigation (2004)
    ・ Education:
        B.A. in law from Ritsumeikan University
  •     earned Academic Credits of Mechanical Engineering at
  •     Osaka Prefecture University
    ・ History:
        joined Asahina Patent Office (April,1987)
        joined Sankyo International Patent Attorneys Office (August,1991)
        opened Arcadia Intellectual Property Office (January,2006)
    ・ Memberships:
        Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA),
        Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation,
        Licensing Executives Society (LES) Japan(former menber),
        Steering Committee of JPAA for Promotion of Intellectual Property

    ・ Property Evaluation,
        Registered Candidate for Intellectual Property Evaluator of JPAA,
        Kansai Patent Attorneys Study Group (KTK),
        West Japan Patent Attorneys Club,
        Consultant of Osaka Consulting Room of JPAA,
        Osaka Chamber of Commerce
    ・ Lecturing:
        for Central Workshop of Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer's
           Association of Saitama, Japan (December 16, 2006)
  • ・ Literary works:
        “Concept of Goods under Trademark Law - ‘Tokyo Metro Case;’ Action for Cancellation of JPO Trial Decision -” Bussinesses and Inventions, No.496, January 2008

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