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Our Principles

Our principles are:

(1) to contribute to the prevailing of understanding on intellectual
properties, such as patents, industrial designs and trademarks, over
a society; and

(2) to support the best utilization of intellectual properties
by representing procedures and providing a variety of advices related
to wide range of intellectual properties in a faithful and conscientious
manner for small and medium-sized businesses and venture businesses
as well as for large corporations.

In order to realize those principles, we apply ourselves to our daily
practices, always keeping following points in mind.

  • ・ To support for finding out inventions, for obtaining IP rights, for licensing, and for infringement litigations, i.e., fully support "from the cradle to the grave";
  • ・ Faithful and conscientious manner in practices;
  • ・ High technical knowledge catching up on advanced technology;
  • ・ To present precise and best suitable legal opinions; and
  • ・ Internationality being skilled in a variety of overseas legal systems;
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